It begins with an illustrative montage of black and white film clips and stills of Nazimova’s career. This device also accompanies the performance and it’s a striking visual setup. Adam Burns’ graphics and video design, and David Wayne Fox’s photography are quite accomplished in achieving this.

Darryl Reilly, Theatre Scene, July 2017


An outstanding production. It is an important piece of theatre that will touch the minds and hearts of viewers. This is a show that should have a long life in the theatre.

Marina Kennedy, Broadway World, July 2017

The visual design by Adam Burns employs innovate projection techniques and uses video as stage-set, projected backdrop, and visual and auditory back-story; the frenetic movement of the collages mirror the daily assault of media in our lives.

Brilliant collages of various media (television shows, commercials, and movies) projected at intervals throughout the play serve as an additional ever present character and reflect the media’s role in shaping and reflecting society’s image of women during various periods of time.

Michelle Augello-Page,, August 2011

Co-written by video designer Adam Burns and performer Romy Nordlinger, the piece strikes a very effective balance between goofy, character-driven humor and the underlying anxiety about its subject, without ever becoming too preachy or conversely undermining its serious exploration. 

Burns’s videos are delightfully packed with a plethora of hilarious found video and audio, masterfully spliced together.

Will Fulton,, August 2011

The video montage (designed by Adam Burns) interspersed between each scene is almost too good.

Nicole Gluckstern,, August 2011