“Adam is a major creative talent, a gifted writer, a visionary designer and a highly skilled video editor. He is also a dedicated and hard-working colleague who brings innovative solutions and enhancements to any challenge he encounters. I have worked with this gentleman and found him to be a responsible and total professional, a great team player who possesses fine leadership and management skills. He's an original thinker who brings a significant contribution to any project that involves him.”

Anna Ray-Jones, Vice President, Donley Communication

“Apart from his stellar work ethics, social skills and his reliability, his true gift is his outstanding creativity.  He always puts his full energy into everything he does.”

Axel Ebermann, President, Preview Production

“As a trial attorney with Jacoby & Meyers, my role in representing the client often involved turning to Adam for supportive video and photographic elements. He is a sensitive and empathetic videographer and editor, who was able to capture intimate and often harrowing footage and turn it into heartwarming narratives for our clients for use at trial.

I believe Adam would be an asset to any firm expecting a high level of professionalism, initiaive, consistency, and impeccable work. Adam is also an extremely easygoing person who can work with any type of personality.”

Sharon Scanlon, Attorney, Jacoby & Meyers

“I have found Adam Burns to be an invaluable asset in finding, building and presenting ‘the story of the case’.   

 Adam has the curiosity of an investigative reporter, the story skills of a screenwriter, and the empathy of a social worker.  What makes all of the above so much more impressive, is the fact that Adam has the ability to turn the above skills into strong and visually pleasing productions for juries and judges.

Adam is a tireless worker who has the rare combination of efficiency and dedication to his craft.  After working with Adam on a few projects, I realized that I had to give him very little direction on a case.

Adam can also be trusted with all types of clients.  Adam is affable, trustworthy, and always presents himself well.  In short, Adam Burns will add value to, and will be a strong addition for any firm he works with.”

Shareef Rabaa, Attorney, NY Brain Law